By Montana Grant

Posted: May 27, 2018

The center console of a sportsmen’s truck, jeep, boat, or car holds more than drinks. Sure, many sportsmen have a cold beverage, water bottle, or coffee cup loaded and ready. Of course, drinking alcohol and driving is against the law, despite the country song by Jason Aldean,” heading down the dirt road, a cold beer sitting on the console…”

The center console also becomes home to other stuff. The storage unit is usually jammed and crammed with so much stuff that the lid becomes hard to close. Jerky, gum, mints, sunflower seeds, cans of chew, pens, straws, tooth picks, writing pads, glass cleaners, nail files, changes, trash, wrappers, and bag full of other important necessities fill our cup holders. This does not include the other storage areas in our visors, dash, and seat pockets.

Somewhere in the mess you may need to find your registration and other paperwork. Good luck.

Some guys I have know have never cleaned the interior of their rig. Moldy French fries and other food bits add aromas and give their rigs a personal, unique feel. Empty shot shells, bottle caps, brass cartridges, receipts, and other items each have a special story.

Our rigs reflect who we are. I guess that some of us are just pigs!

What’s in your console?

Montana Grant

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