Great Falls/Missouri River Fishing Report by North 40 Fly Shop 6.15.18
By angelamontana

Posted: June 15, 2018

Missouri River

It’s a whole new river to explore. From 20K a week ago Sunday to a seemingly diminutive 12K to start this week. How low will it go now? Enough to bring on the dry fly action for certain. In fact, it’s already happening.


Mayfly nymphs are a good primary bet now with the PMD hatch rolling along. The TFP Crust Nymph will be a great choice for the next month or so. Worms, Mayfly Nymphs, Caddis Pupa, Sow Bugs and Crayfishy stuff are all in the game. Leaders are getting shorter, so casting is easier. Fish are also moving to the sexy bubbly and roiling water again, otherwise known as the fun water.

Dry Flies

PMD’s, will likely be the dominant player with a few Callibaetis and Caddis. Brown Drakes may be coming soon on the lower river, so be prepared. In the still higher water, fish will be found sipping inside eddies and along the banks. They won’t always be easy to spot, so pay attention.


Browns have been on the hunt lately. As the water drops, it seems to keep them stirred up and in a high state of arousal along the banks. Get after them while the getting is good. Both big articulated flies and the smaller go to patterns are working. We’ve got two full trays of streamers in the shop for you to choose from.

Local Streams

It’s go time. The waters are choice right now in terms of level and temperature. The fish are happy, hungry, comfortable and catchable. People keep asking if they are biting yet. The answer is yes, they are biting daily.

The Warmer Slower Waters

Don’t forget there are lots of fly fishing opportunities for pike, tiger musky, bass, carp, walleye, sauger, perch, goldeye, drum and channel cats. Intrigued? Just stop in and ask us. There are a bunch of multi-species fanatics around our shop. While Montana offers some of the best trout fishing in the country, fly fishing is not just for trout.

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(feature photo of Missouri River rainbow via Pinterest)
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