Three Not So Common Facts about Montana
By angelamontana

Posted: June 5, 2018
  1. Jordan, Montana is one of the most isolated spots in the country.  It is over 175 miles from the nearest airport and 115 miles from the nearest train, so hopefully you have a reliable vehicle if you plan on leaving town.

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  1. The building of Fort Peck Dam was one of the deadliest projects in US History, as eight men were killed during the dam’s construction, and only two of the bodies were recovered. 53 other workers were killed during the process.  Fort Peck Reservoir has some of the best fishing in the country, too.

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  1. Part of Montana almost became the 49th state at one point. “In 1939, some ranchers and farmers attempted to secede and form a new state when they became fed up with the government and the New Deal. It would have been called Absaroka and included parts of Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.”


(information via Only in Your State)

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