By Montana Grant

Posted: July 8, 2018

Once the meat is down, it needs to be cooled and chilled. Here are some good ideas that will help to keep your meat chilled.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable walk in cooler box? What if it was towable? You can purchase or build your own cool box. This mobile box simply requires a quick modification and can be stored at home or afield.

Modify a trailer to meet your needs! The key is to add some interior insulation on all surfaces. The spray style insulation works well. The floor can have a slightly elevated wooden surface. Stiff Styrofoam also works well but is easily nicked and dinged. Framing the inside of the trailer and covering the walls with laminate works as well. Have leveling jacks to stabilize the unit when parked.

You can also build a light cool box that will sit onto a flat bed trailer. Bolt or ratchet it down and power it with a generator. Install a thermometer to monitor the temperature. Anything under 40 degrees is good. You can leave the generator off on a cool night.

Next install an air conditioner and a portable generator. The generator is best mounted over the front hitch area, outside of the storage area. This will power the air conditioner and any lighting. Carry the necessary fuel safely. Cut a hole to install the AC unit, near the top of the front or side wall. Cold air will sink. Have the needed hangers, baskets, and racks to hold the meat securely. Allow air to be able to circulate around the meat.

You do not want to freeze the meat, simply cool and age it. The generator can run as you transport the meat. Friends have driven their moose from Canada to Georgia using this method. Elk and antelope were packed from Montana to Maryland using another homemade portable cool box.

This method saves on dry ice or other less consistent methods. Shipping processed meat is also expensive. Having a cool box at a hunting camp also keeps critters, insects, and bacteria away. Once the meat is home, you can plug the AC into an electric outlet.

Enjoy perfectly chilled meat every time!

Montana Grant

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