MT State Trap Tournament Results for first three days (with Colonel Smoothbore)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 15, 2018

Here are results from the first three days of the Montana State Trap Tourney at the Great Falls Trap Club. Wednesday was an open day, all shooters competed against each other. In Thursday’s doubles and all the Friday events the in-state and out-of-state are segregated into two categories. For Thursday and Friday I have included only the Montana shooter results.

Wednesday, July 11
Event 1-Singles

  • Champion In State               Ciaran O’Neill
  • Champion Out of State Paul Basten
  • AA Jess Gates
  • A Bret Preeshl
  • B Rich Cook
  • C Jerry Brosten
  • D James Bachine
  • Lady Victoria Creager
  • Junior Max Owen
  • Vet Steve Williamson
  • Veteran Joseph Faherty

Event 2-Hanicap

  • Champion In State Hunter Krogedal
  • Champion Out of State Scott Syme
  • 18-21.5 yards Doug Wilson
  • 22-24.5 yards Greg Knuepel
  • 25-27 yard Jason Folvag
  • Lady Joy Barba
  • Junior Alfred Jermyn
  • Veteran Paul Basten
  • Vet Trevor Dawe

Event 3-Doubles

  • Champion In State Ciaran O’Neill
  • Champion Out of State Scott Syme
  • AA Jason Folvag
  • A Robert Clement
  • B Wade Smith
  • C Healy Callahan
  • D Dewy Jewett
  • Lady Joy Barba
  • Veteran Dan Vogel
  • Vet Claire Hebron

Thursday, July 12
Event 4-Singles

  • Champion Ciaran O’Neill
  • B Matt Fochs
  • C Kevin Zimpel
  • Veteran Chuck Brooke

Event 5-Handicap

  • Champion Ciaran O’Neill
  • 18-21.5 yards Emi Smith
  • 22-24.5 yard Rick Tomsheck
  • Veteran Dan Vogel
  • Junior Alfred Jermyn

Event 6-State Doubles Class Championship

  • AA Ciaran O’Neill
  • A Brady Clawson
  • B Gunner Cesnick
  • C Steven Pierce
  • D Dewey Jewett
  • Lady 1 Victoria Creager
  • Lady 2 Jackie Garrigus
  • Junior Brandon Lyons
  • Sub-Jr. Eric Firestone
  • Junior Gold Garret Damm
  • Veteran Terry Barkell
  • Vet Larry Flanagan
  • Sub Vet Lyle Neiss

Friday, July 13
Event 7-State Doubles Championship

  • Champion Garrett Damm
  • Runner-up Ciaran O’Neill
  • AA Jeff Wagner
  • A JD Kent
  • B Matt Fochs
  • C Michael Cirian
  • D John Blackhall
  • Lady 1 Victoria Creager
  • Lady 2 Jackie Garrigus
  • Junior Brandon Lyons
  • Sub Jr. Eric Firestone
  • Gold Nick Heard
  • Veteran Terry Barkell
  • Vet Bill Camus
  • Sub Vet Kenny Nelson

Event 8-State Class Singles Championship

  • AA Ciaran O’Neill
  • A Steve Nolan
  • B Matt Fochs
  • C Joe Johnson
  • D Phillip Davis
  • Lady 1 Helen Durgin
  • Lady 2 Jackie Garragus
  • Junior Hunter Krogedal
  • Sub Jr. Benjamin Engdahl
  • Gold Garrett Damm
  • Veteran Dan Vogel
  • Vet Steve Pierce
  • Sub Vet Kenny Nelson

Next week I let you know who the singles and handicap state champions are. The final two days will bring new champions to Montana’s trap shooting family. There are approximately 300 competitors shooting in this tourney. Some have come not only from our western states and Canada, but also as far away as Georgia and Vermont. The first 3 days the weather has been absolutely wonderful. Saturday will bring some cooler temps and stiffer winds. This will make for more challenging championships.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore





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