August Elk Hunting – BEST OF Captain’s Columns
By angelamontana

Posted: August 2, 2018

In 2016 around this time, the Captain was talking about hunting rather than fishing–in August.  Well, for those ready to get out there, there are just 13 days before the elk shoulder season starts.  It is still crazy to think the beginning of hunting season for many will arrive in 13 days.  It is almost upon us, though!

The Captain has some tips for those hunters braving the heat to get their cow elk this early that he wrote in his 2016 Captain’s Column article.  Here are some of his tips:

That’s another place that is a significant problem for heat retention. Have lots of ice available. Bring an extra cooler with blocks or bags of ice.  Ice stored in a closed cooler will last for days and be available when you need it in the field. Blocks last longer than bags. Drain water from the cooler to maintain the ice. Skinning a carcass cools it fastest, but if you’re making a short trip from the field to home or field to camp, you can fill the body cavity of an unskinned elk with ice bags to help cool it.  Beware, however, as body heat can remain in the thickest parts of the animal, such as the hindquarters, and stuffing with ice is only a temporary measure. If it’s too warm to hang an elk outside, skin and quarter it and put the meat on ice. A large cooler will hold most or all of a cut-up elk.  Remember to leave evidence of the animal’s sex. Know where the nearest meat processing facility is located and know hours of operation. Do a little homework before hunting so you will know where and when you can take your game to cool it quickly. Oh and Good Luck!

As the Captain said in 2016, we will say it again in 2018–good luck to those headed out in less than two weeks, and be careful out there regardless of what you doing.  Don’t forget to be bear aware, too.

Please review all hunting and fishing regulations before heading out (CLICK HERE), and don’t forget to take a newbie out with you!  Whether it’s a youngster or an adult eager to learn–show them how it’s done the right way!  Make memories and have fun.

Click here to read the rest of the article from August 11, 2016.

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