By Montana Grant

Posted: August 19, 2018


Do not have to look over their shoulder. They hunt, fish, and enjoy the outdoors without needing supervision. They do the right things because they are the right things to do.

Rules, limits, regulations, and enforcement are not for Great Sportsmen. They understand the importance of proper wildlife, fishery, and forest management. Public service is just part of responsibility of a Great Sportsman. They routinely educate themselves about current outdoor issues, needs, and changes. They are guardians and students of the sport.

Enforcement is not needed for Great Sportsmen. It is needed for the minority of losers that poach, exceed limits, trespass, disrespect, and disregard our wild places.

Great Sportsmen are great Stewards of our wild places. They leave campsites better than they found them. Trash is routinely picked up. They mentor young, new, and future outdoor recreationists. They engage in debate, planning, and dialogue to protect and conserve our wonderful wild places.

Most great hunters, fishermen, and outdoor sportsmen go un noticed. They don’t need to worry about getting in trouble when enjoying the outdoors. They carry a license, follow the rules, don’t exceed limits, get permission on private land, and set a positive example for others. We only hear about the criminals that vandalize, poach, leave trash, and violate regulations. They don’t care and never will.

All Sportsmen must manage our ranks. Good and bad behavior reflects on all of us. The next time you see a violation, report it. Your cell phone is a great way to record video and pictures and evidence that will help to remove the loser cancer from our ranks.

What kind of Sportsman are you?

Montana Grant

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