By Montana Grant

Posted: August 12, 2018

Here is a good preseason project that hunters can make. Scent is so important to successful hunters. Those that do not consider scent issues rarely fill their big game tags. Scents can be masking scents or attractant scents. In the right conditions, using the right scents, these Scent Bombs can work miracles.

Years ago, I hunted a farm with 2 islands of woods. When the deer would come onto the small plot of property, they always seemed to head into the island of woods where I wasn’t. How can I use scent to direct them toward me?

I used my sweaty t-shirt. Before getting to the stand where I planned to hunt, I hung the stinky shirt on the down wind side of the island. When the deer smelled my shirt, they chose the other island where I had my stand. Tag one nice buck! I have since used the same trick with Scent Bombs to redirect critters.

Scent is a great tool. Purchasing scent can be expensive. The Scent Bombs allow you to reuse and refresh the scents.

Use a small 2-ounce size plastic container to build the bomb. Back in the day we used 35 mm film canisters. I still have a sack full. Cut a hole in the side and lid of the container. Use GOOP or a silicon adhesive to secure the knotted ends. The string allows you to hang the scent at the correct height. Apply some reflective tape around the canister so you can find the bombs after dark. Add a couple cotton balls inside to hold the scent liquids.

I carry two sealable sacks of about a dozen bombs. The cover scent bombs smell like earth, or natural smells. Attractant bombs contain mating scents. Place the cover scent bombs on your person, gear, or stand. The attractant scent bombs need to be perpendicular to your stand site. I often set up scent bombs 100yards across the wind. Place a bomb every dozen yards, or so. You can also use a rag or sponge drag soaked with some scent. Drag this behind you to cover your scent and to leave a scent trail. Hang this drag where you expect the best shot to be. When done hunting, place the drag back into a sealable sack for next time.

You will become a believer when you see the deer, moose, antelope, or elk sniffing your trail into bow or gun range.

Be Smart with your STINK!!!

Montana Grant

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