By Montana Grant

Posted: August 11, 2018

All Mammals have a unique smell, scent, or stink! This sense is a big part of critters survival defense. “An elk will hear you 3 times, see you twice, but smell you once!”

It is hard to beat the nose of big game animals. There are many cover scents and products available. Each has advantages and weaknesses. Using the wrong scents at the wrong time will also spook scent aware critters.

Spray cover scents work well short term. You need to reapply regularly. Laundry scent products also work well but wear off as the hunter sweats and uses the gear. You should never apply game attractants to your body. Bad things can quickly go wrong when you smell like dinner, the opposite sex, or a threat.

Try using natural scent wafers. Smelling like earth, or local smells is a natural way to cover your tracks. Simply pin them to your pack or clothes. Once done, place them back into their carry and storage container. These scents also come in animal scents that can be hung around your hunting stand. You want to cover your scent, not have the critter smell you.

It is also a good idea to step in natural scents found in your hunting area. Scat, crops, mud, plants, fruit, or dirt are a good way to cover the human scent.

Hunting into the wind is always the best way to keep your stink to yourself. If you can smell the critter, they are smelling you.


Montana Grant

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