By Montana Grant

Posted: August 9, 2018

Straws have become a nuisance to society. Many states are now outlawing their use due to plastic trash and waste. Slurping drinks may go back to paper straws that are more degradable.

Straws can be useful when afield. Try using the Survival Filtration Straws that allow you to drink from natures streams, ponds, puddles, and waterways. The integrated filter allows you to safely drink water where ever you can find it.

Untreated water can contain lots of cooties! Beaver Fever, waste, chemical issues, lead, particles, and bacteria are all potential concerns. Using a filtration straw will prevent health issues and allow you to drink water instantly.

In the past, water needed to be treated with iodine tablets, boiling, or using other sanitary techniques. All these procedures take time, fire, pills, or bulky containers. With a filtration straw, thirst can be safely addressed immediately.

Most hunting areas have water sources. If you run out of water, forgot water, or need additional water, the lightweight, compact filtration straw will save the day. Each straw is good for a limited amount of water but, it is worth having in your pack or gear.


Montana Grant

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