By Montana Grant

Posted: September 9, 2018

SeptemBER is here. With it comes many things and an introduction to the next 3 “BERs”. OctoBER, NovemBER, and DecemBER! Are you feeling cold yet? BURRRR!!!

With each “BER” month comes colder temperatures, shorter days, no lawn watering, no gardening, frosty mornings, and snow in the mountains. It also means hunting season, less crowded fishing, fewer tourists, and did I mention hunting season?

The thing many of us hate about the “BER” months is less sunlight. The vitamin D we get from sunlight is essential to energy and good health. It seems like more sickness comes with more darkness. No one enjoys going to work and coming home in the dark.

Getting up early to hunt is hard for many of us. We all enjoy the later sunrises once we are up and have a cup of coffee. Many folks miss the sunrises and sleep as long as possible. Dinner in the dark is less fun. We will miss meals on the deck and outdoors.

Fishing until 10 pm is wonderful during the summer. Sunrise at 5am is also fun. It seems like our lives last longer in the non- “BER” months. We get so much more accomplished with more daylight.

Ice fishing begins, and hunting season ends in the “BER” months. Skiers love the “BER” months and wish every month was as “BERtiful”. Ice fishing is fun and winter sports are enjoyed by many. Cleaning up dog poop ends up on hold until the snow melts.

Hopefully, this won’t be a winter to rememBER. A little snow is nice but too cold is too “BER”.

I can’t wait until SPRING “BER”gins.

Montana Grant

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