2018 Fall Mack Days – Week Four Update
By angelamontana

Posted: October 15, 2018

The lines are singing on Flathead Lake as anglers hit the halfway mark of the eight week long 2018 Fall Fishing Event on Flathead Lake sponsored by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. The Top Ten Angler category has heated up with Mike Benson of Lonepine in the lead with 549 entries and Felix Gauci of Stevensville coming in close behind with 546. Benson turned in 58 on Friday, 61 Saturday, and 56 Sunday. Gauci’s numbers were 75, 56, and 66. Closing in behind them is Scott Bombard of Missoula with 488. His weekend numbers were 52, 60, and 68. David McDaniel of Polson is 4th  with 319, 5th  place is Sam Cusker of Whitefish with 316, Larry Karper of Florence has 238 for 6th, Terry Krogstad of Kalispell 7th-224, 8th Richard Kreis of Huson-215, Larry Ashwell of Missoula with 205 is 9th, and 10th lady angler Julie Perkins of Kalispell with 192.

2018 Fall Mack Days continues until November 11th with the fishing continuing Tuesday-Sundays.  All it takes is one entry to be qualified for the lottery style drawing held on the last day of the event. The drawing begins at $1,000 and goes to $500-twenty seven tickets are drawn. There is Up to $150,000 in Cash and Prizes that will be awarded at the conclusion on the last day.

Matthew Kreis of Huson is leading the 13-17 Category with 27. Matt Guckenberg Jr. of Kalispell follows with 12. Tripp Bick of Arlee in the 12 & Under group is still in the lead with 5, Kieran Incashola of St. Ignatius came in with 2 entries, Michael Incashola turned in 1, Brodie Smith of Kalispell-1, Missoula anglers Michael Marlett-1, and Ashton Lamberton-1.

Julie Perkins is leading the Ladies Category with 192, Laurie Kreis of Huson is in second with 94, Kimberly Mack of Missoula has 70, Gina Schiff of Whitefish has turned in 51, and Jeanee Mooney of Missoula is 5th with 49.

Larry Karper leads the 70 & Over Category with 238, Larry Ashwell of Missoula is 2nd with 205, 3rd is Bob Christensen of Missoula with 163, John Gauci of Florence is 4th with 144, Bernie Olson of Lakeside is 5th with 63.

Walter the $10,000 tagged lake trout is still wanted on all of Flathead Lake. The location of his deep, murky, hideout in the lake is unknown. Anyone fishing Mack Days with a fishing pole in their hand would like to find him and bring him in. He has three partners with $5,000 tags, and five others with $1,000 tags plus over 6,000 with $500-$100 values. Catching $100 tagged lake trout the fourth week were: Ken Richert X2, and Sam Sacchi of Thompson Falls, Mike Benson X 3, Ken Foley of Polson, Richard Kreis X 2, Sam Cusker of Whitefish X 2, John Gauci of Stevenville, Burton MacDonald and Kenny Garrett of Missoula. Sam Cusker caught the only $200 tagged fish turned in.

Total catch over the first four weekends of 2018 Fall Mack Days on Flathead Lake is 7,453 which is over the 2017 Fall Event at this point by 45 fish. Warmer weather and the fish bite picking up should help anglers hit higher numbers for the coming weekend if weather forecasts remain the same.

Telephone 406-883-2888 ex. 7294 or 7282 for information or cell number 406-270-3386. Entries continue to be taken until the last day.


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