By Montana Grant

Posted: October 27, 2018

Why is it that some hunters are so lazy? Road hunting burns gas builds a fat ass and is just unsportsmanlike. Real hunters hoof it, stalk it, and truly hunt it.

Antelope are a prime target for lazy road hunters. They cruise the roads along public land waiting for a critter to cross. They then speed up and bail out with rifles to rest on fence lines and shoot the critter that is heading toward a real hunter.

The other day I hunted antelopes along the Musselshell. Lopes have been few and far between compared to 5 years ago. Blue tongue, harsh winters, and road hunters have limited the pickings. After walking for miles without seeing an antelope, I set up on an open plain, with water, waiting for a lope. In the distance I saw a lone buck heading toward the pond. He crossed the road and was heading my way. Suddenly a truck sped up and two Lazy Road Hunters bailed out. Neither crossed the fence but instead used it to rest their rifles. The truck was blue Dodge! I could not see the tags or take a picture at 900 yards.

I never saw them load their rifles. They never saw me in my Hunters Orange. Neither of them had an inch of orange on. I assume they were road hunting with loaded weapons. 6 shots later, the lone buck was down. I was hiding in an irrigation ditch to avoid the bullets that were coming my way.

It is illegal to shoot from a roadside. You at least must get over the fence and out of the road right away, if you have permission or are on public land. These Road Hunters had trouble getting out of the truck let alone getting over a barbed wire fence. They stumbled to the buck and dragged it to their truck, that was parked in the middle of the road. It took two Lazy Road Hunters to drag a 100-pound antelope. It is a pretty good guess that their next stop was the Two Dot Bar. They could brag and boast about what great hunters they are.

A few years ago, a hunting buddy harvested a pair of antelopes, 2 miles from the same road. Both were tagged, and he dragged them to the closest roadside access. He left his pack and orange hat to mark the spot. His truck was still a mile or so further up the road. When he returned, he discovered his hat thrown in the field, his pack rummaged through, and two ripped tags left in the dirt. Road Hunters poached his critters.

Road hunters disrespect our wild game and our sport. They are not true hunters or sportsmen. Please report them when possible. Cell phones take great pictures of tags and people from a safe range. Use the report a poacher number to help wardens cull these lazy idiots from the hunting herd.

Hunt honest, respectful, and be a true sportsman.

Montana Grant

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