By Montana Grant

Posted: November 10, 2018


Thank God this last election cycle is over. Finally, the mean and hateful commercials, announcements, and rhetoric can end. We all want America and Montana to be the best it can be.

Most sportsmen vote with wild places, freedoms, and happiness in mind. We want to consider the best for Big Sky Country. We want our families, friends, and wild places to be great forever.

What bothered me about this last election was how “outsiders” were labeled. If you are not A “Montanan” then “you are not a good fit”! The politician that spewed this message onto “Maryland Matt”, ironically was fiscally supported by 1. Maryland and 2. California backers!

We are all from somewhere else. Sportsmen are adventurers. Montana is a state of pioneers or immigrants from other places. Germans, Dutch, and every other culture can be found in our state. At what point are we a Montanan? 10, 20, 30 years or? Matt Rosendale has lived here for over 20 years as have I. Montana is our home and a life choice that we all have made. Do you have to be born here to be a Montanan?

Today, newcomers come by U-Haul truck instead of Conestoga Wagon. Our plan is to find success and happiness. Not everyone survives. Many leave the state looking for greener pastures, or maybe because the pastures weren’t as green as they hoped. Our state population doesn’t even reach one million. Do you have to be a survivor to be a Montanan?

We all gave up something from somewhere else to find something here. Our roots may have been from our out-of-state trailheads, but our life lessons are from what we learned along the trail. These great lessons could be helpful to all Montanans. In our hearts, Montana is also our Last Best Place! Doesn’t that make us a Montanan?

Montana is labeled as the Last Best Place! That implies that all of us have been somewhere else before we came here. Our drivers license, address, and tax statement define our residency status to hunt and fish here. Do these define us as a “Montanan”?

When I saw the flyer in my mailbox of a Maryland Blue Crab wearing a Cowboy hat labeled, “You are not a good fit”, it makes me appreciate where I am, where I was, and what I miss. Maryland Blue Crabs are darn tasty and delicious. I enjoy them when I can, while wearing a Montana Cowboy Hat. Those of us that have enjoyed these seafood delights understand what I am saying. Lobsters from Maine, halibut from Alaska, Salmon from Washington, Tuna from the Gulf Stream, and many other seafood treats make us happy. Diversity is what makes Montana Great!

Welcome to Montana!

Montana Grant

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