By Montana Grant

Posted: November 18, 2018

Wild game sometimes needs a little relish to compliment the flavor. Cranberry’s are the perfect ingredient to add some love to your wild turkey this Thanksgiving. It is also great with elk, deer, upland birds, and waterfowl.

This relish recipe is a family favorite and adds a different presentation for traditional cranberry sauce. Plain sliced or whole berry sauce is just blah compared to this tart and sweet relish. The recipe is simple and gets better with time. Make it a day ahead for best results!



2 apples

2 cans of cranberry sauce (one whole berry and one jellied)

2 3oz. packs of Raspberry Jello

2 oranges

2 bags of whole fresh cranberries.

Core the apples leaving the skin on. Grind the cranberries, apples, and oranges in a food processor. Add sugar to taste. Now mix the cranberry and whole berry sauce and the Jello. Mix and refrigerate.

Simple, tasty, and delicious!

Montana Grant

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