By Montana Grant

Posted: December 1, 2018

“Hunters” are not always the best sports! This time of year, it is one time when we see their ugly side. True Sportsmen are not in this group, but we are sadly lumped together with Slob Hunters that give us a bad name.

The other day I went to pheasant hunt near a local Fishing Access area. My dogs suddenly were smelling and excited at finding several carcasses from butchered deer and a cow elk. They were dumped along the access road near the boat ramp. What the heck?

This public and private area is a lousy place to dump your trash. Why would you use such a public area? Every other Montana must look at your mess and deal with it. Of course, who gets the blame? Hunters! These Slob Hunters drove out of their way to dump these carcasses, it may be quicker to use a proper dump station.

At least follow the rules. There are other ways to dump your butcher wastes. Regular trash pickup will take it to the landfill. Many counties have trash stations where you can appropriately dispose of these wastes. Dig a hole and bury the wastes.

Report these incidents to the MT FWP. They will pursue and address the issues. It is against the law to dump this waste on public land, especially in such visible areas. Take a quick cellphone picture and report it.

Not only is this dumping an eyesore, there are also health concerns. CWD and other diseases are an issue. These remains also attract predators, Bears, wolves, coyotes and raptors will feed and spread any diseases. Trailheads where hikers, bikers, and horsemen use, can run into these predators as well. Hunters are already victims of poor press. Be the role model for real sportsmen to follow.

Always be a responsible Sportsmen!

Montana Grant

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