Nine more deer found suspect for CWD: 3 south of Billings, 6 on the Hi-Line
By angelamontana

Posted: December 10, 2018

Test results from CWD surveillance samples taken during the last week of Montana’s general hunting season showed nine more deer to be suspect of chronic wasting disease.

South of Billings in Carbon County, two mule deer — a buck and a doe — and a white-tailed buck from CWD-positive areas showed suspect for the disease.

Along the Hi-Line, three mule deer from CWD-positive areas in Blaine County and two mule deer bucks from the CWD-positive area in Valley County all returned as suspect for the disease. A mule deer buck from Phillips County, outside a CWD positive area, was also discovered to be suspect for the disease.

This brings the total suspect of positive animals found in this year’s surveillance efforts to 22 deer – five from the CWD positive area south of Billings and 17 from along the Hi-Line.

In the coming weeks, FWP officials will look back at this year’s surveillance effort along the northern part of the state and determine the next steps forward in addressing CWD, including any management actions. CWD surveillance efforts will continue next year to include portions of the southeast corner of the state.

For more information on CWD in Montana, go online to

Hunters should properly dispose of carcasses. Once an animal with CWD dies, any part of the carcass can transmit the disease for at least two years. Safely disposing of all animal parts in solid waste landfills will help prevent the transmission of CWD.

(via MT FWP)
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