By Montana Grant

Posted: December 22, 2018

Montana is a hunting No Drone Zone! The Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission has approved legislation for drone management.

The limits are clear and simple. Drones cannot be used for;

Pursuing animals

Driving game animals

Locating game animals on the same day as hunting.

Filming any hunts

The commission also prohibited the possession of real-time motion detection devices during a hunt.

Regulations such as these are designed to keep hunting ethical, fair chase, and honest. Sadly, some hunters try and use any edge to cheat or fill their tag. The edge of knowing locations of game herds is a huge advantage. To get this knowledge while sitting in a truck or living room operating remote tracking technology is not fair hunting.

Hunting is a sport. There is a point at which the scales tip to the point where it is not sporting.

Hunt honest!

Montana Grant

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