FWP Proposing Changes to Deer Hunting Regulations in Two Northwest Montana Districts
By angelamontana

Posted: January 25, 2019

Kalispell, MT — Wildlife managers are requesting to change white-tailed deer regulations in two hunting districts in northwest Montana.

FWP Region 1 biologists have submitted a request to the Fish and Wildlife Commission to limit hunting opportunity to antlered bucks only in hunting districts 122 (the Thompson River area in Sanders County) and 130 (the Swan area in Lake and Missoula counties).

For the last three years, hunters have been able to harvest a white-tailed deer of either sex during the first week of the general hunting season, as well as the last week of the season on private lands only.

The commission will review the proposal at its Feb. 13, 2019 meeting in Helena. The commission will accept public comment on the proposal before taking final action. If approved, the changes would take effect this fall.

Commission meetings are streamed live via video to FWP regional headquarters. The FWP Region 1 headquarters is located at 490 N. Meridian in Kalispell. Meetings are also audio streamed online at fwp.mt.gov. Members of the public can comment at FWP regional headquarters during the meetings.

Hunting season regulations are reviewed and adopted every two years, but requests can come forward in between the formal season-setting process when wildlife biologists and managers demonstrate a need for a mid-cycle change.

“Our area biologists reviewed several factors, including decreased fawn recruitment in deer populations after the last two winters and the big game check station data from this fall. We also spoke to numerous sportsmen,” said Neil Anderson, FWP Region 1 wildlife manager.

“We felt these changes were warranted in an effort to help white-tailed deer populations rebound after appearing to decline.”

FWP regional staff recently hosted four meetings across northwest Montana – in Kalispell, Libby, Trout Creek, and Eureka — and presented information about deer population trends and harvest data, and discussed deer management with sportsmen. The overall crowd at these meetings totaled nearly 150 people and generally expressed support for the tentative antlered-buck only proposal.

Several factors can contribute to the health of game populations, including winter weather that impacts fawn recruitment, predation, habitat changes and hunter pressure. Northwest Montana experienced two recent winters with heavy snowfall that persisted well into early spring.

For a list of reports detailing wildlife populations and more in northwest Montana, visit http://fwp.mt.gov/regions/r1/.

(via MT FWP)

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