Last few days to register to win a free fishing trip w/ Kit’s Tackle Outfitters!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 28, 2019

With all this snow and cold weather I’m about to go ape.  The piles of snow around my driveway are double the inches tall of the longest walleye I have ever caught.  Usually, we are already “Jiggin’ the Dream” at the Gates of the Rocky Mountains by now.  This year, with the way things are going, and these continued cold temps, we might be ice fishing in June…lol!  But don’t give up hope yet folks, all this snow will make for a big ol’ gusher come spring..and that means fish don’t have time to think about their decision or the bait is gone..they wil have to act fast meaning violent strikes and more action!!

My father Kit and I, since expanding Kit’s Tackle into a guide/outfitting venture, have fallen in love with being able to share our passion with others.  This is why we decided to GIVE AWAY A FREE FISHING TRIP.  WE WANT SOMEONE TO GET TO HAVE A BREAK FROM LIFE FOR A DAY AND LET US SHOW THEM OUR OFFICE.  Most people don’t know that we raise over $10,000/year donating trips and product to local clubs and benefits because we have big hearts and love our community and helping out where we can.  We thought it would be a nice twist to get to give the average person an awesome experience.  The trip will take place at our beloved, Gates of the Rocky Mountains (upper Holter Lake.) It will be a fun, educational, multi species day of fishing utilizing a multitude of different techniques.  We are also happy to harvest a few fish and clean them for you to have some delicious treats to take home!  We will consult with the winner of the trip on a date that will work for them.  At this point we will plan on sometime in the early part of June.  We will provide all gear, bait, tackle and drinks and snacks coupled with a great lunch.  You will just need your Montana fishing license, proper clothing for the weather and sun glasses/eye protection.

Good luck everyone, and see ya on the water soon.


Cap Kit and Trev

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