By Montana Grant

Posted: February 28, 2019

Snow is a huge job! It lays on our walks, gardens, and driveways by the foot. Getting rid of the snow means strong hands and a lot of work.

If you have “chionophobia”, then Snow Jobs are out of the question. These folks have a fear of snow and I assume most live in Snow Free Zones.

Skiers and snow enthusiasts love snow. They spend their snow time playing in the snow rather than having any jobs involving it. The only job they do is what is needed to get to the slopes.

The rest of us handle the biggest Snow Jobs. It is amazing how something that is so light; it can take hours to fall to Earth, can stack up to 48 inches in 24 hours, and can have flakes the size of dinner plates. Colorado holds the 24-hour snowfall record of 78.5 inches.

Snow is considered a “Mineral”! I assume someone owns the Mineral Rights. It is a “naturally occurring solid, inorganically formed, and has a defined chemical composition”. In a desert, it could be worth its weight in gold.

Snow benefits us by storing water for future use while insulating the soil, roots, and plants from freezing.

Montana is currently getting a great Snow Job! The last weeks have combined cold and moisture to lay feet of snow upon us. Here are a couple tips to help with your Snow Jobs!

Sweep the snow away from any gas or power boxes/utilities, and satellite dishes.

Use a Roof Rake or shop broom, on a long pole, to clear a couple feet of roof, and your rain gutters from snow.

Salt will damage concrete and kill grass and plants. Use a gentler product.

A snow blower is better than shoveling. Shovels, ice chippers, and metal will damage paved surfaces. The blower will move the snow further away from the cleared areas for faster melting.

Clear and drains, gutters, or pathways for melting snow to use.

Once the snow begins to finally melt, scatter the drifted and stacked piles, to encourage faster melting.

With a little help, our longer days will begin to warm things up. Snow will begin to melt, and our gardens will begin to grow. The snowmelt will fill our rivers and streams, forests will be wetter to prevent fires, and winter will be a pleasant memory.

So much for a Happy Ending!

Montana Grant

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