By Montana Grant

Posted: March 3, 2019

The annual tradition of buying a new fishing license is upon us. You can now get next year’s Sportsman’s Licenses, which are our ticket to enjoy the great outdoors of Montana.

Fishing without a license is one of the most common fishing offenses. The money from our licenses goes to support the hunting and fishing we love. Access sites, management, enforcement, hatcheries, and facilities are all paid for by hunters and fishermen. A Conservation License and AIS Prevention Pass are also part of the deal.

A Free Fishing weekend is on June 15-16 for those curmudgeons that are still too cheap to give to the cause.

Purchasing a hunting and fishing license is a great way to donate to the environment even if you don’t hunt or fish.

One new change to the fishing laws is that you must carry your fishing license with you when fishing. It is acceptable to have a picture of your license on your Smartphone.

The regulation book is handy to have in your tackle box or vehicle. It is important to read about the places you fish and familiarize yourself with any changes or reminders. You may also discover new fishing destinations.

There is a new emphasis on Catch and Release fishing. Be up to date with the best techniques and procedures. Consumption warnings are also of interest. Some fisheries contain arsenic, lead, and mercury. These toxins are a result of mining and natural causes.

Sportsmen must also help to manage our fisheries. If you witness poaching, pollution, transporting live fish illegally, or other violations, call 1-800-TIP-MONT. ( 1-800-847-6668 ).

Catch a big one and have fun fishing!

Montana Grant

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