By Montana Grant

Posted: March 10, 2019

Most of our rides have been covered with dirt, snow, and mud this winter. Only the tourists seem to drive clean rental vehicles. The rest of us are waiting for Spring to clean our rigs and show off our Stickers.

The other day, after a little heat wave, I noticed a truck covered with stickers. Many were old, worn, damaged, and aged. Maybe it is time for some changes, maintenance, or changes.

Bumper stickers show our personality. They may reflect our locations, gender, sports, politics, or just are fun. Some folks cover their entire rear and side windows with stickers.

Campers often have a sticker for every state they visited. Special parks and campgrounds will be found next to the Good Sam and KOA stickers. That can cover a lot of vehicle.

Putting your stickers directly onto your painted surface will damage the finish. Window and bumper decals can be scraped off and replaced. Covering the rear right window will hamper visibility.

Some stickers attract the wrong attention. Display your politics at your own risk. A MEGA sticker could become a target for a leftist, anti-gun, tree hugging, liberal.  Issues like abortion, race, sex, and other toxic themes may be better left out of the public view.

Plan to give your ride a new look this spring. Dig out those decals you picked up at the Outdoor Shows and add some new messages to your rig. Try to be politically correct and appropriate. Young children can read. If you are really Gung Ho about your stickers, search on line for a fresh selection.

Horse and Boat trailers are also good places to add stickers. Pick a theme and have some fun.

Sticker up this Spring!

Montana Grant

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