By Montana Grant

Posted: April 18, 2019

Montana Is not a Turkey Bustin State but… the right place and the right time can pay off. Success can be measured by being where you need to be at the right time.

 Hunting a seldom accessed or hunted area can reap big rewards. Kirk Stovall and his crew found one of those places. Kirk, family and friends hit the Turkey Glory hole in South East Montana. Making the most out of these opportunities can really pay off.

 Along with turkeys, the hunters found sheds and happiness.  Like any hunting, the game is where you find it. Then you need to shoot straight and celebrate the moments.

Hunting this time of the year is mainly about looking for an excuse to go hunting. Spring turkeys fit the bill perfectly. Getting outdoors in the spring is a great way to recharge and break out of the winter slump.

Take advantage of what nature and our lives allow.

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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