10 Facts about Black Bears for the Bear Hunters
By angelamontana

Posted: May 8, 2019
  1. Black bears can have up to six cubs, but they typically give birth to two or three.
  2. Black bear cubs stay with their mother for around 18 months.
  3. Black bears are known to make “mock-charges” up to within a few yards, so if they lunge at you without actually charging, “stand your ground and shout”–it is advised to not run.
  4. “Despite their name, black bears are not always black – they can also be light brown, blond or even grey-blue. A subspecies of black bear with white fur, known as the Kermode or spirit bear, lives in British Columbia.”
  5. “Black bears live for an average of 18 years in the wild, but the record is an impressive 39 years. The oldest captive black bear was 44 years old when it died.”
  6. Black bears are good swimmers, so jumping in the water to try to escape a black bear might not be the best idea.
  7. Black bears are excellent tree climbers.
  8. Black bears prefer more densely forested areas to live in over wide open spaces.
  9. Black bears are only found in North America
  10. Black bears can weigh more than 30% of their normal weight in the fall than in the spring (due to preparing for hibernation).
(facts via discoverwidlife.com)


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