1st FLOAT !!!
By Montana Grant

Posted: May 16, 2019

This is the time to hit the water. Drift boats and other craft that have been stored all winter need to get wet.

Try a trial float before dedicating a full day to a trip. Maybe a short drift or a small lake trip is in order. This is when you will discover any problems that may arise. The boat trailer wiring may be fudged. Tires may be leaking. Motors may be screwed.

Nothing is worse than planning a long-awaited day trip and everything breaks. As life has it, this is normal. It is simply the nature of the beast.

Start small! Just a few miles or stay close to shore. The problems will surface quickly. Be prepared to fix what arises. Always start with fresh fuel. Last years old gas is sure to clog and fail. Clean the spark plugs. Motors always come down to spark and fuel.

Hitch connections, wiring, and hook ups have caused more “F-Bombs” than any other problem. Embrace this and avoid any challenges. If you can’t fix it, call someone that can. Carry a basic repair kit that has what is needed to keep you afloat and afield.

Roll down the river confidently!

Montana Grant

For more Montana grant, catch him at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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