By Montana Grant

Posted: May 12, 2019


Camouflage is essential for most hunters and fishermen. Not being seen by the critters and fish allows us to get closer. My kids used to call them “Hiding Clothes”.

Back in the day, Chuck Adams, a great archer, never used camo. He taught hunters to use plaids and fabrics that were broken up. Color did not matter. Today you can find hundreds of camo patterns from leaves to digitized to naked women silhouettes. A forest full of colors, terrains, and patterns.

Do these exotic and elaborate camo patterns Really make us look like Trees? We first need to ask what do critters see? The first answer is that they do not see color. Their eyes lack cells called “cones” that identify colors of the spectrum.

Critters see thing in black and white. This is an advantage since Black and White adds crisp detail to what they see. Just watch an old Black and White movie and see how sharp and clear it is.

Color is reflected light. If you took every color in the spectrum and shined them together you would only see white! No light is black. The brighter the colors, the more light that is reflected. If you wear bright red or orange, the critters will see you as brighter than everything else around you. By wearing dull, colors, that are patterned, you will blend in.

Plaids, colors, or patterned clothes should match the lines around you. If you are in a forest with vertical trees, vertical lined patterns work well. Blue or white clothes are perfect fishing camo since your background are the sky and clouds. Modern Camo is not essential for hunting and fishing.

Wearing bright colors reflects more light. If you move, you are highlighted and busted. Noses smell, ears hear, and critters see. Critters also see the electromagnetic field given off by all living things. This aura or ‘glow” has a different intensity or signature for each critter and humans.

Check out the Camo product called HECS. “Human, Electromagnetic, Concealment, System”. This clothing has a woven matrix built in that changes the human “glow”. Your prey sees you but not as a human. They do not get alarmed and allow you to close the deal more easily.

Seeing is believing!

Montana Grant

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