By Montana Grant

Posted: May 26, 2019

A friend once told me that Montana Grant is such a great fisherman that if you took a whiz in a parking lot, he would catch a trout out of it! That may not be completely true, but I have won many bets catching fish in unusual ways.

When one buddy said I should tie a fly that mimics a Turd! “Only a master presentation would encourage a trout to eat a Turd”, he said. A bet is a bet, so I was off to the tying vise. Color choice was simple. Brown chenille would match perfectly. Size meant a meaty portion on a larger nymph hook.

Most creative fly tiers can’t just tie a basic fly so… perhaps some rubber legs would help. And so, the “Turdblossom” was born. Another friend complimented on what a “shi—y” fly it was. A perfect match.

We were off to the Madison where we loaded up our rods. Other companions were decorated with San Juan Worms, Princes, Lightening Bugs, and other favorites. I was hooked up with a double rig of Turdblossoms! Go Big or go Home!

After a few well plopped drifts, the strike indicator flushed, and I was into a great trout! As we drifted down the river, the Turdblossom became more popular. The trout loved it! Variations of this handsome fly are now in most fly boxes. It goes by other more appropriate names like Brown Rubber legged nymph. To me it will always be known as the “Turdblossom”!

Next time I will tell you about the “Cock and Balls” fly! It is a killer too!

Montana Grant

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