Grizzly Bears at Lake Frances 5.13.19
By angelamontana

Posted: May 13, 2019

We recieved the video of the bears on Lake Frances today (5/12/19). It appears that the two subadult grizzlies that were on Blair Mine the evening before were on the Lake Frances island. They were likely spooked off the island during the day by people. They reportedly swam to the North shore near the lighthouse and haven’t been observed since. The bears were fighting because they were aggravated by the close proximity of the boat – being siblings they are accustomed to taking out agitation on each other. These are bears that we’re trying to aversively condition. Please do not approach these bears and try to maintain a safe distance (at least a couple hundred yards) from them for your safety and because we don’t want the bears to become habituated to human presence. Call us immediately if you observe these bears. (via MT FWP Prairie Bear Monitor)

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