Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors5.3.19
By angelamontana

Posted: May 4, 2019


Missouri River: The river is running around 11,000+ cfs and this fishing is touch and go.  We’d recommend throwing some sows, Czechs, Ray Charles, or worms right now; stick to pink colors for now.  Focus on fishing the slow seams of the water, the outside is just moving too fast right now and the fish are not holding there. Fish deeper than you were last week, bring some extra split shot.

Hauser: Fishing access is pretty good right now.  We recommend throwing some floating jigs tipped with a crawler or a small to medium spinner right now, again pink is the color of choice.  This week is looking to be a sunny so it’s a great time to sneak out for some spring fishing with the sun on your back.

Canyon Ferry/Holter Lake: The lakes are thawed out and some boat access is available.  If you can get out right now just remember to fish deeper than normal as water temps are cooler and the fish tend to hang out deeper this time of year.  If you’re tied to shore, take advantage of some sunshine and fish the shallow inlets to hook up on any of those fish seeking warmer water.

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