By Montana Grant

Posted: May 9, 2019


Hunting antler sheds is great fun. Not only can you find great antlers, you may also stumble across some mushrooms. Getting out hunting is always great exercise after a long winter.

Last year I was sitting atop a ridge line using my binoculars. Edges of cover and fence lines were my targets. About a mile away down a fence line, I saw what looked like a HUGE antler. I started off the ridge and found several mulie and whitetail sheds as I headed to the one huge antler I had spotted. After a fruitful hike I came up to what I thought was a huge shed. It was a huge pine branch. Oh Well.

Wearing out your boots is a big part of shed hunting. Make sure that you are wearing a comfortable pair. Good socks are also important. Wear a pack to carry your finds. Carry some water to drink and extra cord if you need to lash down some antlers that won’t fit. One day when spring turkey hunting, I had a 20 lb. Gobbler and 18 sheds when returning to camp.

Hunt areas where antlered bucks and bulls spend the winter and spring. These areas are often thicker and offer close by food and water. Where you find sheds one time is always a good place to search next year.

Matched sets are not easy to find. If you find one side, make circles away form the spot. Usually the other antler can be within 100 yards. Most of the sheds I find are tines up. Some are hanging in trees. You will also be scouting for next falls hunting season. The sheds you are finding are survivors of the past season.

Timing is important when hunting sheds. Once you have located where you will hunt, scout it out using your optics. When you begin to see bucks with single sides, bloody pedicles, or no bucks, begin to hunt. This can be as early as January or even into May. Weather will also determine when you can hunt. Make sure to get permission to trespass.

What you get out of shed hunting is different for each hunter. Some hunters sell there finds for cash. Others just accumulate antlers for their gardens, yards, roofs, and home décor. Inn a pinch, antlers are money in the bank, and you did not have to kill the critter to get them.

Shed hunting is a fun sport for friends and family to enjoy. It becomes a great excuse to get outdoors.

Take a shed walk today!

Montana Grant

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