Spring Creeks Fishing Report by Fins & Feathers in Bozeman 5.13.19
By angelamontana

Posted: May 15, 2019

If you’re planning on fishing in Paradise Valley, you will want to read this report by Fins & Feathers:

The Paradise Valley spring creeks are now one of the only options for the Paradise Valley area as the flows on Yellowstone increase rapidly. The creeks are packed full of fish right now. Baetis and midge hatches have been very productive but now the caddis should be coming off in good numbers. All stages have been important from nymphs and pupas to adults and cripples. Eggs, San Juan Worms, scuds and sowbugs have still been working if the hatches aren’t going.

The Livingson Area Spring Creeks have limited rod availability. Be sure to call and make a reservation before you make the drive. Nelson’s(406) 222-6560Armstrong’s(406) 222-2979DePuy’s-(406) 222-0221

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