The 5 Flies to be Successful during the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch (by The Tackle Shop)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 9, 2019

Here’s an article from The Tackle Shop in Ennis that is fitting for this weekend:

Each year about this time a great natural wonder happens. A huge hatch of small dark caddis happen on most of the western rivers. These small caddis or Brachycentrus americanus hatch in huge numbers and are the first really big hatch of the year. Some years runoff comes early and the hatch happens without a single fish being caught. But, on other years when the water stays in shape this hatch produces some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. To be successful you only need a few flies and the perfect timing. 

1. Peacock fluttering caddis. This has a super realistic peacock body that matches the dark body of the Mothers Day Caddis. The hackle up front and the elk hair wing help it float and flutter just like a natural. This is our standard Mothers Day Caddis and we carry them in sizes 12-18.

2. Royal Elk Hair Caddis. The peacock and red body royal body make the fish look at this one. This one works especially well during the heat of the hatch when there are lots of caddis on the water and you need to stand out from the masses. We like them in a size 14-16.

3. Bugmeister. While this is mostly a stone fly pattern we tie these in a size 16 for this hatch. The peacock body and the low in the water profile match the naturals great. The post on the parachute help with locating your fly on the water.

4. Blooms Tung Dart. A simple soft hackle pattern to fish just prior to the hatch and resembles the emerging caddis. We like fishing these in a size 14.


5. Peacock and Partridge Soft Hackle. A classic wet fly pattern that is still effective today. Swing this just prior to the hatch and hang on. When swinging prior to the hatch we bump emerging caddis.

With a few patterns in multiple sizes anyone can be successful during the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch!

To get more information from The Tackle Shop, click here.

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