20th Annual Youth Trapper Camp a Success!
By angelamontana

Posted: June 18, 2019

This is one of Montana’s best camps, in my opinion!  Here’s an article by Derek Hann with the Havre Daily News about the 20th Annual Youth Trapper Camp!

This year, Youth Trapper Camp Inc., a non-profit organization, held its 20th Annual Youth Trapping Camp at Beaver Creek Park‘s Camp Kiwanis south of Havre to educate both youth and adults about humane, ethical trapping practices aimed toward nature conservation.

“That’s part of the responsibility of being a good trapper,” organizer Fran Buell said.

The camp took place Friday through Sunday and saw more than 150 people attend the camp, 76 children, 25 instructors, five staff members and a number of parents who registered. Buell said that trapping is not the primary focus of the camp. The focus is on informing people about the importance of trapping and teaching children to be good stewards of the land and learning respect for the land and the animals that inhabit them.

Click here to read full story.

For information on the Montana Trappers Association and how to become a member, visit MontanaTrappers.org.

(feature photo from a few years ago of a youth trapper in Bonner helping to skin muskrats and beavers)
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