By Montana Grant

Posted: June 13, 2019


Picking a pair of great flies, spinners, or lures doubles your chances to catch a fish. I am amazed how some fisherman buy the best rods, boots, hats, vests, and gear but are to cheap to use two baits at once. “If I get snagged, I lose twice as much!”

First, if a $1.75 fly is too expensive, stay home and eat popcorn in front of the Boob Tube. Take a risk and get a pair!

Many fly anglers use a Hopper dropper combo rig. This means a floatable grasshopper, PMX, or sturdy surface fly with a leader tied to the bend of the hook. Now add the second choice on the menu. A serendipity, caddis nymph, Prince, lightening bug, or your favorite subsurface fly. Two flies get twice the attention and the fish needs to make a choice.

Spinners and crank baits offer the same option. How many times have you seen a fish following or short striking your lure as it comes close? Try tying a trailer onto the back. Maybe a nymph, a small streamer, or a jig. Two choices will excite the fish more and stimulate a strike.

Bait fisherman can use double rigs as well. Hang two hooks off a bobber or from a bottom rig. Try using a floating jig or bait to elevate one of the bottom baits. Back in the day, we would use a hypodermic needle to inject air into a worm so it would float. Now we use Power Bait or marshmallows to elevate our baits. This is critical when fishing a lake covered in weeds. Floating your bait just above the weeds is deadly.

If you use 2 flies, you have twice he opportunity to catch a fish! Isn’t that why you are there?

Pick a Pair and rip some lips!

Montana Grant

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