2019 Governors Cup Walleye Tournament – Day 1 Standings
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 12, 2019

200 teams competed in this years tournament and we had some big weights put up on the board.

The top five teams for Day 1 are:

First place: Nick Polivka, Watford City, ND and Jeff Mally, Omaha, NE  with 41.38 pounds.

Second place: Joe Kavon, Plentywood, MT and Rob Kavon, Spokane, WA with 40.18 pounds.

Third place: Josh Kittleson, Glasgow, MT and Scott Collinsworth, Fort Peck, MT, 38.14 pounds.

Fourth place: Lenny Eubanks, Epping, ND and Matt Ristow, Bismark ND, 36.08 pounds.

Fifth place: Matt Poole, Glasgow, MT and Adam Morehouse, Glasgow, MT 35.36 pounds.


Here are the top 75 teams for day 1.








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