Bitterroot River Rescue and Warning
By angelamontana

Posted: July 12, 2019

Here is a post from Darby, Montana’s social media page about an incident that happened Thursday, July 11th on the Bitterroot River.  BE CAREFUL!

Leslie Moore would like send a shout out to the fisherman floating the river today 7/11/19 that pulled the little girl out of the Bitterroot River just below the dam just past the Main Street bridge? That situation could have been a disaster. The mom tried to get her out and then a big strong man tried to get her out, but the current was just too strong. My friend and I went in, but couldn’t get her in either. Just when things could have gone downhill fast, the fishermen came over the dam and pulled her out and towed our tired butts to the shore. They were awesome and we were too stunned to get their names and give them a proper thank you. Also, a warning to parents about that area might be appropriate. Lots of little ones go down there and they really need to stay down stream from the rapids. It looks fine near there, but if you get just a little too far in it grabs you. Locals call it the “washing machine” because it doesn’t spit you out like the river normally does. Thank you.

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