Guaranteed Lure ”Shiver Minnow “worth Gold in Epic Day for Angler
By angelamontana

Posted: July 3, 2019

Kjel Olson from Bozeman, fishing Fort Peck for only his second day, had a day he will remember forever!

Kjel was bottom rigging with Captain when he decided to cast a shiver minnow to shore. The results were phenomenal!

Kjel caught a 27 and 26-inch walleye, which he released, and he also caught a 25, 23, and 22-inch walleye. Three of the five walleyes were caught with the #3 shiver minnow.
The shiver minnow was this year’s featured MORS Guaranteed Lure. The lures sold out fast at the Great Rockies Sport Shows. However, Bob Wards still has them for sale. The lures work on pike, bass, lake trout and, of course, walleye.

If the species you are targeting feed on minnows, the Shiver Minnow Lure will work.

Congratulations, Kjel, on your epic day on Peck!

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