By Montana Grant

Posted: August 31, 2019

Archery elk hunters may need to explore other elk hunting haunts. The US Forest Service has closed an area in the “Gravellies”, due to a high concentration of grizzly Bears.

The closures include Lobo Mesa and Teepee Creek areas. These areas are 5o miles south of Ennis. Forest Service Trails #6405 and 6422 are closed until further notice.

The closure began on Wednesday. Closures like this are common and made for public safety. These areas apparently have several cow carcasses that the bears are feeding on. Once hunters leave gut piles, the bears will be in the neighborhood.

Seeing Grizzly Bears in the Gravelly Range is common. All hunters need to be bear aware and carry Bear Spray or protection. The Greater Yellowstone Area contains over 700 grizzlies. Each year hunters and hikers have encounters with bears.

For more information, contact the Madison Ranger District at 406-682-4253

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