By Montana Grant

Posted: August 8, 2019

Last week I wrote about my wonderful German Shorthaired Pointer, Magnum, and his life challenge with nasal cancer. Many of you responded with some great thoughts and ideas. I will keep all updated and report on this experience. Hopefully, it may help others that may sadly travel this same path.

Second opinions are always a good idea. The second vet we talked with has experience with herbal and Chinese remedies. These strong, natural products have had success in many cases. Our search has led us to a group of hopeful remedies. Some of these have been around for centuries but have not been tested or researched.

CBD Cannabis oils is one of the additions to Magnum’s treatment regimen. This relatively new product targets and kills cancer cells. It also has calming and pain relief qualities. Frankincense oil is an Essential Oil that also has these effects. We apply this oil directly to the cancer lump on Magnums nose.

So far, we have seen a decrease in the size of the golf ball sized tumor. Magnum’s is comfortable and perfect except for the tumor. The problem is that the aggressive cancer identified in Magnum can change and ignore treatments. Chemo treatments are available in Washington and Colorado but… The prognosis is that he has only a few months to live. At least these health alternatives give us hope. 

So far, Magnum is still on point! He loves to run, retrieve, and be close. No more loving pup is alive today.

We want to keep it that way!

Montana Grant

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