By Montana Grant

Posted: August 18, 2019

Summer is still here, and I am already talking about Winter!? Pioneers predicted winter now. By observing nature and where they lived, they would prepare for a mild or harsh winter based on their data.

Here are some Pioneer signs of Winter!

  • Pigs gathering sticks
  • Early departure of waterfowl
  • Thicker than normal corn husks
  • Woodpeckers sharing a tree
  • Early butterfly departure
  • Thick hair on a cow’s neck
  • Mice chewing to get indoors
  • Lots of crickets
  • Spiders making bigger and more webs
  • Racoons with thicker tails and more bands
  • Heavy and numerous fogs
  • Ants marching in lines and not meandering
  • Abundance of mast crops like acorns and nuts/seeds.
  • Muskrats and Beavers making burrows higher along riverbanks.
  • More active squirrels
  • Frequent halos and rings around the moon and sun.
  • Wooly bear bands. Narrow bands mean snowy, and wide means mild winter.
  • Early arrival of Snowy Owls.
  • The abundance and height of hornet and wasps’ nests.
  • More precipitation in the Summer and Fall than normal.

Based on several of these signs, it looks like another long, cold, winter!

Montana Grant

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