By Montana Grant

Posted: September 7, 2019

The Madison River has been so busy this year that I have avoided the crowds. After having a crowded day on the Gallatin, I thought I would give the Mad a try.

After Labor Day, Montanan’s get their rivers back. The tourists leave, kids go back to school, and colleges open again keeping fly fishing kids busy with school.

This year’s unusual weather has kept the fishing hot. The rivers are still cool and full. The numbers of fish are down but fishing can still be fun.

I found some water above MacAtee Bridge with no crowds. I tied on a beetle pattern that I make from cork. It slaps the water like a real bug. The trout liked it too. Every place that was supposed to hold a trout did. Browns and Bows tore up my offerings.

Hoppers and other attractors worked too but the beetle was money. I was able to fish uninterrupted for 3-4 hours. This is the first time that I can say that about the Madison in a long time.

The trout fought well and were released correctly. The grass along the river is abundant and green. When I cast a fly t the grass and let it bounce off, the trout slammed it. This natural presentation was perfect. The best fishing was noon to 4, then the fish started to refuse the fly.

The hot day made wet wadding comfortable. My Simms cleated wet wading boots are comfortable, sturdy, and made wading safe. 30 plus trout netted was great but hunting season is here. Where does the time go?

When you time your fishing, things can go well.

Montana Grant

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