Monture Trail repaired after recent storms; trail now passable to stock animals
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: September 25, 2019

SEELEY LAKE, MT. – Trail crews spent much of last week conducting repair work on Monture Trail #27, located on the Seeley Lake Ranger District, to address a trail washout caused by storms two weeks ago. Monture Trail is a popular route into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and is frequently used by hunters with stock. The crews were successful in moving rock and conducting some drilling to regrade the trail tread and make it passable to stock animals.

The Forest Service encourages anyone heading into the backcountry for hunting season to diligently check the weather forecast and call the local Ranger Station ahead of the trip, especially if the travel is through a previously burned area. Monture Trail is located within the 2017 Rice Ridge burned area; burned areas are susceptible to debris flow and runoff events after intense storms.

For more information on trail conditions on the Seeley Lake Ranger District, please contact 406-677-2233.

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