By Montana Grant

Posted: September 22, 2019

We all want, and maybe need, to be remembered. After a lifetime of trekking through the mountains, wading the rivers and creeks, and chasing outdoor dreams, wouldn’t it be nice to be laid to rest in the place we loved.

The other day, we were coming off the mountain after a day of chasing elk. Handy Randy said, “Stop and back up the truck!” He bailed out the side and went up into the woods. There he found a monument. The landmark had a huge cross and was well decorated with the owner’s memorabilia. It reminded me of an Indian burial. The warrior was atop a scaffold adorned in their best gear, weapons, and memories. The closer to the heavens the better.

This monument was lovingly constructed and left by the family. I guess his ashes were also at the site.

For some reason, this location was special. Perhaps he tagged a bull elk or moose at this spot. Maybe he shared a hunting memory with the family there. As a mentor, maybe his kid shot their first critter there. Whatever the reason, this place had meaning.

One day we will all die. Where would you like your ashes to rest? Maybe in a special river? Perhaps where you first kissed your wife? Maybe another personal, special moment?

I thought about packaging my ashes into 20 bags. My plan would be to leave a part of me with my family and friends with directions to disperse my ashes in 20 places. That sounded like a good idea until my Brother said he would make sure they all flushed me down their toilets!

Oh well.

Montana Grant

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