By Montana Grant

Posted: October 19, 2019

All Sportsmen have the responsibility to respect each other, landowners, and wildlife. We are all in this together. One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel. When one incident happens, landowners talk and suddenly they are telling the same story. Being a Good Sport helps all sportsmen.

Organized Animal activist groups and anti-gun groups are looking for any and all excuses to end hunting and disarm sportsmen. The key word here is “Organized”. These groups come loaded with lawyers, media, and activist training. They are often more organized and lethal, than sportsmen groups.

To discourage any issues and protect our sporting freedoms, here are some tips.

FOLLOW THE LAWS     Rules and regulations are reasonable, essential, and fair. Seasons, limits, and techniques are regulated and managed to protect the resource. Complying is always important. It is important to be an ethical Sportsmen even when no one is watching.

SET THE EXAMPLE   Alcohol and drugs have no place when guns, vehicles, and safety is required. Save he beer for around the campfire after the day’s adventures are over. Your Big Game critters do not have to hang out he back of your truck for all to see. Not everyone appreciates the view of dead carcasses. The times of tying a dead deer to your fenders are gone.


Respect landowner rights. Ask permission to cross onto private property. Remember written permission is required.

Know your weapon! Be thoroughly trained and skilled with your equipment, gun, bow, or rifle. Sight in your weapons prior to use.

Pick up spent shells and cartridges. Never leave trash.

Carry a complete and proper license. Take a picture of your license and save it if needed. A picture is legal.

Safety first always!!! Know your target and shoot only when safe.

Be the example of what a good sport is!

Montana Grant

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