Spring Creeks Fishing Report by Fins & Feathers 10.28.19
By angelamontana

Posted: October 30, 2019

The Paradise Valley spring creeks are prime right now. As the Yellowstone has gotten colder, a bunch of Brown Trout have entered the spring creeks. Baetis and Midge hatches will have the fish up eating dries many days. Midges have been hatching early and late in the day and Baetis more mid afternoon depending on the wind. It’s usually important to have emergers, cripples and adults for these hatches on the creeks, as well as long, light leaders. The fish can be very picky at times here. Between hatches or if the fish just won’t rise, nymphing can be productive. Scuds, Sow Bugs, Baetis Nymphs and Midge Pupas are standard fare. For best results use a fluorocarbon leader and tippet when nymphing. It sinks a little more than mono and is invisable under water. Small streamers and leeches can be good first thing in the morning and at dark, especially in the pond. Be aware of spawning Brown Trout and try not to walk in the riffles where their redds are.

Fly Recommendations

Micro Mayfly

Baetis Sprout Emerger

Zebra or Red Jujubee Midge

Batwing Emerger

Rusty Spinner

Baetis CDC Comparadun

Bow River Buggers

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