By Montana Grant

Posted: November 14, 2019

Hunting season has been tough. The early winter makes trout fishing a comfortable choice.

Before we begin fishing the Hard Water, think about fishing the rivers and streams. Browns are spawning and the waters are uncrowded. The tourists are in the native nests, other sportsmen are stomping around the forests and fields. Quality water time is available along the most popular sections of rivers.

The key to Fall fishing is to dress for comfort. Modern polar fleece, liners, compression wear, and hand warmers can save the day. You may be a bit fatter looking and encumbered, but the fish don’t care. Remember too that most of your body heat is lost from your head, so a good hat is essential.

Fish must eat! Nymphing cam continue to be awesome all winter long. Streamers can really shake things up as well. Big trout are looking for Big Bites to fill their fat bellies for winter.

Change your fishing approach. Cold slows things down so do the same with your presentations. Strikes can be more subtle so use a sensitive strike indicator. Streamer fishing requires more movement and stripping the fly, which helps to keep you warm.

The fish may tend to stack up in different locations. Since things are slowed down, look for fish in slower water. They need to expend minimal energy to get maximum energy return. Tail outs, eddy’s, and slow, deep water can be productive. If the sun comes out, small hatches are not uncommon. Make sure that you have some midges and baetis on hand, just in case.

If the water freezes up, switch over to the Hard Water! Ice on lakes is safe at 3-5 inches, depending on your size. First ice can be the best ice!

Fish hard, fish harder!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him chilling at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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