Glory Boats: Changing Your After-Life Surroundings
By angelamontana

Posted: November 19, 2019

For the special fisherman or bird hunter in your life, a new thing has surfaced as a casket replacement.  Glory Boats.  What is a Glory Boat?  According to their website, “Glory Boats are vessels to convey the mortal remains of outdoors enthusiasts to that glorious, final harbor.”

How They Work

Used in funeral services the same way as traditional caskets Glory Boats are compatible with standard burial vaults. The internal dimensions of a Glory Boat allow even the largest individuals to easily fit. The inside of a Glory Boat is softer and more comfortable than traditional caskets. The outside of a Glory Boat is rugged and tough like many of the outdoors enthusiasts who loved spending time on the water in their lives.

Why Glory Boats?

  • Funeral customers increasingly desire opportunities to recognize and express the distinctive character of their individual lives and spirits.

  • Top quality construction from heavy duty materials.

  • Built in America.

Glory boats come with a variety of patterns:

  • Woodland camo
  • Fish pattern
  • Marsh grass
  • Solid khaki
  • Solid brown
  • Pink camo

The cost is $2,800.  Would you consider these?

Visit for more information and to order online.

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