By Montana Grant

Posted: November 9, 2019

Hunters are respectful! Yea, I know that some post bloody and distasteful pictures f their kill, but most show and mentor respect. Some of them will read this article and salute me with a finger but…

Killing means that you are taking a life. Many hunters hunt and many do not kill often. Hunting is a Blood Sport that becomes intimate after you pull the trigger. Hopefully a one shot, one kill will be the outcome. No normal person wants to see a critter suffer. Once you draw blood, finish the task.

So now that the critter is down, what’s next? Yes, gutting is required, after you validate the kill with the tag. Put on the rubber gloves and use a sharp knife. Done properly, this nasty job takes less than 5 minutes.

I have my special hunting shirt that I wear to get lucky. When I gutted a buck, some blood ended up on the sleeve. When I hung it on a chair, after getting home, my dog Tessa chewed the cuff!

Once the critter is down, do the dressing and get the critter ready for transport. Before you move them, take a moment to show respect. Say a prayer that gives thanks. Take a moment of silence to show appreciation. You just took a life so show the appropriate respect. This is especially important for Mentors, to show new hunters.

When I quarter an elk, or large critter, I leave the head pointed toward the sunset. I then place a bit of sage or pine in their mouth and take a moment of appreciative silence.

Showing respect is tasteful and good Karma.

Montana Grant

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