By Montana Grant

Posted: December 15, 2019

Ice fishing in Hyalite Lake continues to be hot but… the weather always seems to be COLD!!! My buddy “Cowboy Terry” and I ventured to the top of the mountain for a fun day of “lip ripping” through the ice. This was Cowboys first ice trip of the year.

Down in the valley the temperature was in the 40’s! That is tropical for Montana at this time of year. On top of the mountain it was damn cold! I swear the temps were well below freezing. Throw in the wind, and snow, and it was single digits. It was like a dark cloud hung over the lake and wouldn’t leave.

The road to the top of the mountain is slick. Several cars had ended up in the ditch. If you press your brakes, you will crash. There were a few tough Ice Fishermen trying their best but soon it was just me and the Cowboy. We fished from 11:30 to 2 and called it quits. Our fingers were cold, and the fishing was too. The weather put down the bite.

We did solve many of the worlds problems, shared some new jokes, and came up with solutions for our aging and aching bodies.

We were able to ice a few dozen brookies and Cutthroats. We met “Belgrade Brad” coming off the ice. He caught a bunch of Brookies but no Cutties. Besides a few brave skiers and some dog walkers, we had the “Secret Fishing Spot” to ourselves!

It’s called fishing!

Montana Grant

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